We are now inside the platform. This is your dashboard. The purple menu on your left enables you to navigate between the Course overview which will have information about the courses you will create; the Institute overview with information related to your institution and the certificates you will create, and your Account overview where you will set up your information and signature.

Fill in your account details here. Ensure your First Name and Surname are entered correctly, as well as the Title you hold in your institution. This is the information that will appear on the certificates you will sign. Once you have filled in your details, proceed to add your signature.

To add your signature; Click the Add Signature button and then click Send a link. A link will then be sent to your email. Once this email has been sent, use your smartphone to open the email and click Add Signature.

Ensure your phone is in horizontal mode and proceed to go ahead, tap the screen, and sign using your finger. You have as many tries as you want! Once you are happy, click “Save”, and your signature will be uploaded.

Your signature will appear on your desktop right here. Go ahead and confirm that you want to use this signature, or create a new one if you are not satisfied with it.

Now that you have created your signature, you can proceed to the Password Section in your Account view, to create a password. Ensure you create a password you can remember! You will use this password to issue and sign certificates.

Go to the next video, to create your first course.

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