Creating a course is very easy. To start, simply click the purple “Create Course” button in the top right corner.

Enter the name of the Course. Enter the course description that will appear on the certificate. This description will also be showcased to your students in the app. You can at any time go back and edit this description until you have issued the certificates.

Enter the dates of the course. You can create courses happening now as well as those that were conducted in the past, so if you have old courses that you also want to get in the system, this is very possible.

Next you will nominate who the signers of the certificate will be. These peoples’ signatures will appear on the certificate and you can choose up to 2 people to sign. If you have a director that wants to sign the certificate, or a second trainer or mentor, you can add those people here in this section. You will however have to have added them as administrators as we will later show you in order to select them on this list.
(Click here to see how you can add signers/administrators)

Having created the course, you may be currently listed as a signer. However, you can at any time remove yourself as a signer and add other people to sign, if you just want to be an administrator and not a signer.


Does your course contain different modules, subjects or topics? If so, select how many modules your course contains and click Next.

Proceed to input the name of each of the modules you would like to add. When you are ready, click on create course! Your course has now been created, and can be found on your home page. Click on the 3 dots or click on the course thumbnail, if you want to edit the course information.

In the course overview section, you can see a preview of your certificate, and how the course information with the modules will appear. Note that you can keep changing, removing or adding these modules inside the course from the course overview, should you wish to do so.

Here, through the enrolled students list and by clicking on that student's name row, you can adjust which modules each student has completed or not. This is handy If some of your students complete more or less modules than others. Remember to click save changes.

If you have a group of students that has not completed certain modules, there is a quick “Opt out feature” you can use to remove certain modules from several students at the same time. Inside the Edit panel of the modules, search, enter and click on the names of the students you want to Opt out from a module. Click Save. Remember that you can always go into the students page again from the enrolled students section and double check their set of modules. The preview of the certificate here will still show all of the modules you have listed up, but only the modules that has been completed for each student will appear on their certificate.

After you have signed the course, you can view and double check each of the students' certificates and their completed modules in the preview mode before issuance. They will appear on the certificates as you have edited them in the students individual page.

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