When you click on the course you have created, you will be directed to 3 sections within the course that you should know about, and you can navigate through them in the top section.

The first is the Course Overview section, where you can see a checklist here of the things you need to do before signing. The signers nominated for the course. and the course code. This number is key to be aware of, as it is the code that your students will use to enroll in your course.

When your students enrolled in the course. They will end up in the “Enrolled students section” here. There are 3 different ways you can invite a student to enroll, so you can use the way that is easiest for you!

You can invite each individual student to join by clicking the purple “Invite student button in the top right corner here. Thereafter you proceed to add the student’s email OR phone number.

You can organize your students in a CSV file and upload that file. This is handy if you have many students! Ensure that the names, emails, and phone numbers of the students are entered in separate columns and there are no errors in the file.

The third option is that you can just communicate to them on your own channels; Tell them to download the app and enter the course code you will have shared with them.

Once your students are invited to enroll, each individual will receive an email or SMS message with instructions as well as the Course Code attached to this course.

They will then end up in the final section here called the ”applicant’s section”.

The invited students must now download the app and add the course code. (Click here if you want to see how students can onboard to the Skill Identity App and Enroll in a course )

If you look in my applicant section, you can see that I have a student here that is requesting to join the course. I can see the profile picture here and the Name of the student. I can double-check that before I Enroll the student.

Now, my student will appear in my Enrolled Student Table, and as you can see in their “status”, they are ready to receive a certificate. That means you can issue a certificate to this student as soon as the course is coming to an end.

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Go here if you want to design your certificate

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