As a student, I will have either received an invitation on SMS or email from the institution looking like this. to join the course.

To get started, I will first of all have to download the Diwala App and verify my contact information.

Go to your email inbox and look for the Diwala email containing the sign-in link. Click the sign-in button.

After verifying the email, I enter my Diwala app and create my skill Identity which is the new verified way of showcasing one’s skills and achievements digitally!

Proceed to add your professional profile picture to your Skill Identity.

Once my ID is set up, I proceed to enroll in the course with the course code my administrator has provided. To do that, I go to the Courses section, click the + sign and enter the code. You can then see, the "awaiting confirmation" of enrolment.

Wait for your teacher to accept you into the course.

Go to the next video for students, to see how you can view and share your certificate in the Skill Identity App.

After your students have onboarded and enrolled to the course, proceed to add administrators and signers to your course.

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