Trainee Account Setup

To start, you would have either received an invitation on SMS or email from the institution looking like this, to join the course. Click get started, and choose either Google Play store or IOS app store to download the Diwala App from.

Once the app is installed, open it and click Register to begin creating your Skill Identity.

Are you accepting certificates on behalf of yourself or your Business? Select the correct account you would like to create. You can have both a personal and a business account and toggl between them. For now we will start by making a personal account.

Enter the email address or phone number you would like to use for this account. Go to your Email inbox and find the Sign in to Diwala email. Click Sign in, and choose the Diwala app in the “Open with” window. Choose Always!

After verifying your email, you will be led here. Diwala aims to ensure that each and everyone’s data is safe! To continue, you need to tick off, and agree to the Diwala Terms of Service.

Thereafter, you will input your name exactly how you would like for it to appear on your certificate and Digital Skill identity profile.

You will also need to add a password that you can remember to further protect your information and identity.

To allow your training institution to recognise and enrol you faster, add a profile picture by either selecting one from your files or by taking a new picture. Ensure that the picture you use is clear and represents you in a professional way.

Welcome to your Skill Identity 🎉

A digital skill Identity is the new verified way of showcasing one’s skills and accomplishments digitally! Having a skill identity enables you to receive, store and share your credentials safely and easily with potential employers or investors.

Course Enrolment

Now that you have finished your account setup, it is time for you to proceed to enroll in the course you were invited to. To do that, go to the Courses section, click the + Sign and enter the code. The code will be in the email invitation you should have received in your inbox or on an SMS. If you have not received any code, please reach out to your institution administrator.

You can also see here that you are awaiting confirmation of enrolment. This means that your institution has now received a request from you to enrol in their course and they will proceed to enrol you to the course, as soon as they are ready. When that happens, you will receive a notification in your app, and you will then be set to receive your certificate when the institution chooses to issue it to you.

Please reach out to your institution to get further clarity on their graduation day and when exactly they will issue you the certificate.

Business & Personal Accounts

As mentioned previously, you can have both a personal account and a Business account. One that has your individual information about yourself and your individual credentials and another that has credentials and information about your business. Simply click on the settings icon right here to add another account or switch from one account to another.

Here, you will also find the log out button in case you would like to log out of the account. See also the Help icon here, should you need any further assistance from us in Diwala.

Congratulations on getting your Skill Identity! A much more safer, flexible and effective way of showcasing your achievements digitally!

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