Go to your Institute section from the purple menu.

Similar to your Course Page earlier, you have 3 sections in here you can toggle between. In the first section, you have a full overview of the number of your courses, students enrolled and certificates issued in total.

In the next section called administrators, you can add colleagues that will either issue or sign the certificates.

If you remember the Signer section in the course creation, If you can add people as admins here and they can also sign the certificates. This comes in handy if you want your CEO or Director to sign the certificates, and you want to only perform the admin work and issuance yourself.

You invite an administrator by entering their email, after which they will receive an email and will need to create their account as you previously did. An added administrator will have access to the same courses and certificate template as you.

Having trouble adding people as admins/singers? Refer to this article

Click here if you want to view how Students onboard and enroll to a course in the app.
Click here if you want to proceed to sign and issue the certificate.

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