Now that we have prepared everything, we can now go-ahead to sign and issue the certificates.

Go to the Courses section, and find the correct course. You can also see the little icon appearing on the course here and a notification here, that your signature is needed for the specific course. This means that your signature is needed to proceed with the issuing of the certificates. Go to the Enrolled Students List, and click Sign.

Enter the password you created before in your Account overview.

You have now signed the certificate! Kindly note that this doesn't mean that the certificate is issued yet, as you might wish to have a second person signing the course. If that is the case, you can add the second signer to the course in the "edit course" section, wait for them to create their signature, and then sign. When all the signatures have been added, you are now ready to issue the certificates.

Click Issue Certificates, and your certificates will be issued and sent to your enrolled students. You can issue certificates to hundreds of students simultaneously by clicking here!

When the certificates are issued, you can also send your students PDFs with this button, or download their certificates to view them here.

This is how your certificate will then appear. Here is the Course Name, the date of the course, the Course description that you entered, This certificate here has 1 signature but as mentioned you can have up to 2 signatures, and below is my Name and Title information.

Click on the next video to see how students can view and share their certificates in the skill identity app.

Go to the next video, to see how a certificate is verified.

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