The best part of these certificates is that they are digitally verifiable.

A Digital certificate is not like any other certificate! It contains data that can be traced back to its authentic source, in this case, the institution that issued it. It also contains cryptographic signatures, that are attached to Digital Identities, visualized by a digitally handwritten signature.

When you as an employer for example receive this link from a job applicant, you can simply click “verify” to double-check that the hashcode this certificate was issued with, matches with the authentic original code.

In the verification list here, you can see what institution issued the certificate, the name of the course, the dates, the signers of the certificates as well as the person who received it.

This process is usually done manually in employment situations and costs many institutions and organisations lots of time and resources annually. With Diwala, we have shortened this process to a matter of seconds!

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