If you are having challenges downloading the Diwala App, check if it is any of the reasons below and proceed to resolve the issue as guided 👇

  1. Do you have enough storage on your phone?
    To successfully download the Diwala App on your phone, ensure you have enough phone storage. In case you do not have enough phone storage to store the App, proceed to clear up some space on your phone.

    To do this, you can refer to this article https://app.intercom.com/a/apps/kwgbdtf8/articles/articles/2558713/show to guide you.

  2. Do you have data and/or Internet?
    Currently, the Diwala App only works on devices with an internet connection. Your App could fail to download if the device you are trying to download it to is not connected to a stable internet connection. Ensure that your data is on or switch to another internet connection and download the App again.

  3. Does your phone allow for the App to function?
    The Diwala App works on phones that are and above version 4.4.4. To check the version of your phone, go to the SETTINGS section of the phone then go to the ABOUT/ABOUT PHONE page.

    The Diwala App will not download nor work on all phone versions under 4.4.4 android.

  4. Download the APK version:
    In case any of the above fixes have failed, you could try downloading the App using its APK version. Kindly refer to a guide on how to do this here, https://www.diwala.io/download-apk

  5. Don't have a smartphone?
    Not having a functional smartphone does not mean you will not receive your certificate. It only mean you cannot download the Diwala app. You can still receive a PDF certificate as a "custody user", if you should not be able to download the app. For you to receive your certificate using this option, you will have to request your teacher/admin to send you a custody invitation.

  6. If you are still not sure why you can't download the Diwala app, take a screenshot of where exactly you have stopped in the process, send it to our chat window or messenger on our website, and we will get back to you with a solution.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our chatbot messenger in the right bottom corner of this page. 👉

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