You have successfully downloaded the Diwala App but have not yet received the certificate you were expecting to be issued to you. It could be because of one of the reasons below:

  1. Your institution may not be using the Diwala platform to issue certificates.

    You can only receive certificates from institutions currently onboarded to the Diwala platform. Kindly reach out to your institution to inquire if it is onboarded to and using the Diwala platform for certificate issuance. If not, please tell them to contact us at, to get an intro and demo of the platform.

  2. In case your institution is onboarded but you haven't yet received your certificate, kindly reach out to your administrator and find out if:
    They have issued any certificates yet or if they have onboarded your details with the right email address or phone number.

  3. Update your Diwala App to the latest app version
    If there have been any updates, and you have not updated to the latest version of the app, you may not be able to receive your certificates. To update your App,

    For iPhone devices, go to Apple Store to see the latest version on our IOS App and click the update instruction you will find.

    For android devices, go to in the additional information section to see the latest version of our Google Play App is and click the update instruction you will find.

  4. Have you restarted and re-logged into the app?
    In case you are sure that your administrator has issued to you your certificates, try exiting and re-entering the App.

If you still can't receive your certificate, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our chatbot messenger in the right bottom corner of this page. 👉 We are here to support

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