Unfortunately, you are currently not able to use the same email or phone number to create two different accounts on the Diwala platform or App. One account needs to have one contact point only to represent that account.

If for example, your institution would like to issue you an individual certificate as well as a certificate addressed to your company/business, you will need to use a different piece of contact information (Email OR Phone number) to register that account.

Example of an individual email representing you; janedoe@gmail.com
Example of a Company Email, representing your company: bestcompany@gmail.com or business@bestcompany.io

We do strongly suggest you have an email for your company or a separate email address related to your company, in order for you to receive a company certificate.

Wondering how to create a business email? Refer to this article👇

Whichever contact information you choose to use to represent your company; after you have decided on which to use, please follow the steps below to create a second account;

  1. Log out of the skill identity app

  2. Go back into the app and to the log-in page, and enter the new contact information into the email/phone number field to register a new account.

  3. Receive the email or SMS verification message - click the sign-in link (email) or enter the verification code (SMS) to verify the contact point.

  4. Then when you are asked to enter your Name, You enter the name of your Company for example, "XYZ General Enterprise Ltd" instead of your own name.

  5. You will have created a Skill Identity for your Company.

  6. Go to the course Input field and enter the Course Code shared by your administrator after which they will proceed to use that information to issue to you your company certificate.

In case you have any more inquiries in regards to this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our chatbot messenger in the right bottom corner of this page.

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