In order to issue certificates with the Diwala platform, an administrator needs to register and log in to the platform using either their email address or phone number. In addition, the students to whom the administrator is to issue to certificates also need to sign up and log in to the Diwala App or Custody approach version using either their email address or phone number.

One may wonder why?

The Diwala platform is built on technology based on open identity standards with the aim of ensuring the privacy and security of data. To achieve this, among other technologies, blockchain technology is used in a decentralized way to ensure participants of the system that the holder of data is the person they are supposed to be and can also prove this.

By using the Diwala platform, an individual is represented by an identity known as a Decentralized identifier (commonly abbreviated to DID). This identifier is anchored onto the blockchain, to give you and only you control over your identity. This is a way of replacing common identifiers, with a decentralized identifier rooted in technology which further protects the data and identity of the individual in an age where breaches and intrusion are all-to easy.

However, in order for one to have a Decentralized identity that gives them access and control to their data, they need a contact point which in Diwala’s case is one’s email address or phone number.

This contact point makes it easier for an administrator to connect with their student and ensure that they are indeed the person they are meant to issue a certificate or credential to which further reduces error when it comes to certificate issuance.

To the student or skill holder, having a contact point allows them to have access to their original data which they can verify and share whenever they want. This makes the sharing of data much faster as a verifier who could be a potential employer does not have to keep coming back to the administrator to verify the student's information.

In the event we have any important information or event we need to communicate to you, your contact information is the easiest way we can reach you.

Now that you know the security that comes with using your contact information to access the Diwala platform, do not hesitate to use it. Do not worry; your data and identity are protected with solid security technology arranged by Diwala.

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