With Diwala, you can showcase your digitally verifiable certificate on Linkedln where potential employers and investors can verify your skills with a few clicks.

After your institution administrator has issued your certificate to you, you will get both an email and a notification in your Diwala App. Please contact your institution if you have not received your certificate yet after your graduation. To view your certificate, go to the Diwala App, click on the credentials section. Click on the thumbnail to see a detailed view of your certificate.

To share your certificate, ensure that it is turned on in public mode, in order to make it shareable and digitally verifiable. You can at any time also make your certificate private again, revoking the access to all the people you have previously shared it with if you no longer wish to have your certificate available to others.

Proceed to click the Share button, and then click COPY LINK. This is the link you will share your certificate through. You can share your certificate on LinkedIn, in several ways.

  1. If you want to share your certificate as a news feed post, open the LinkedIn App on your phone or go to the LinkedIn browser. Paste the certificate link in the text area, add any additional information you wish to add, and click Post. Your certificate will then appear as a post like this.

  2. If you want to showcase the certificate itself in the post, you can also download your PDF certificate and upload it as a document. Click on the option "Add a document". Add a title to your Document and click Next. Add any additional information you wish to add. Don’t forget to add the Certificate Link, so that potential employers or investors can verify your certificate. And click post to create the post. like this;

    * If you do not have the app, your PDF certificate should have been sent to your email or SMS that you used to create your identity with. Just download the PDF from the email, open it to find the 
correct link to share. If you don’t have access to the app, you can always find and copy your certificate link, from its placement next to the QR code on your certificate itself, right here. 
Paste the link in your post whichever way you choose to share your certificate.

  3. Another way to showcase your certificate on your LinkedIn profile is by adding it specifically to an experience you have added under the experience section. Go to the experience section, click on it and an edit experience window will open. Where you see media, proceed to paste your certificate LINK.

Assuming a potential employer is looking through your Linkedin profile and they want to ascertain that you indeed went through the training you said you did and that your certificate is legitimate. All they will need to do is click on your certificate which will lead them to the verification page where they verify the validity of your certificate. All certificates issued with Diwala, are backed by blockchain technology, enabling fast and secure verification of your certificates.

Try it out today and give your Linkedln Profile an edge. We at Diwala aim to enable you to showcase your verifiable skills easily to thousands of potential employers and investors across the world.

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