In case some of your students do not have a smartphone to download the Diwala App, they can still create a Skill Identity Account with their email or SMS number. This process requires the student to access any computer, phone, or device with an internet connection for a couple of minutes and create their Skill Identity account. When they have done so, they can be onboarded to your classes, and receive digitally verifiable PDF certificates.

Here’s how to get a student without a smartphone on-boarded:

  1. Invite the student by clicking on the “invite student” button, enter their email and click send invites.

  2. Go to the Applicants’ section, and press the 3 dots in the corner of the student’s box.

  3. Click on the tab “Create identity for student” to get started.

  4. Read the information and click I understand.

  5. If the student is present with you, they can set up their account on your computer.

  6. If the student is not present with you, you can send them an email or SMS for them to set up their account. Let us assume that the student is not with us now, so we proceed to click “send the student an email or SMS.” The student will then receive an email or SMS.

  7. Request the student to look for the invitation email or SMS in their inbox, and then proceed to “create Skill-Identity”.

The student will go through the steps shared with them and proceed to create their Skill ID, and when they have done so they will appear in the applicant's section here, just like the students who onboard through the app. The students without phones will appear at the student table without a photo. You can proceed to enroll and certify them just as usual.

A PDF certificate will be sent to all students to their email or SMS upon issuance. Should they for some reason not have received the certificate, you can always send them a new one, by selecting them and clicking the “Send PDF” button. Here you can also download the Certificate if you for example wish to print it out for graduation.

See the next video, to see the step-by-step process the student takes to create their Skill Identity Account.

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