In case you do not have a smartphone, don't worry! You can still get on-boarded to the Diwala platform and receive your certificates. Please inform your institution that you do not have a smartphone as soon as possible, so they can send you the web-based invitation and get you onboarded in time.

  1. Start by looking for a Diwala invitation email or SMS in your inbox, sent to you by your institution. If you cannot find the email, try searching for it in spam or promotions folders. If you still cannot find it, please contact your institution. When you do find the email, proceed to click the “create Skill-ID” button.

  2. Select which type of account you want. If you want a personal account and receive certificates in your name, proceed to select “Personal account”. If you want to receive a certificate on behalf of your company, then proceed to select “Business account”. Note that if you are creating an account for your business, you need to ensure to use an email or phone number that is connected to your business.

    In case you do not have a Company email, you can be guided on how to create one here.

  3. Let us assume you want to create a personal account. Click confirm and fill in your personal email address or SMS number, and click “get verification code.”

  4. Find the email or SMS with the verification code in your inbox.
    (Kindly note that this is the verification code to verify the email or phone number, NOT the code to the Course itself!).

  5. Proceed to enter the verification code and click “verify”.

  6. Enter your name as you want it to be shown on your certificate and set a password for your account.

    Congratulations, you have now created a Skill Identity Account! Go to read more, if you want to read more about what a skill identity can do for you.

As you do not have access to the app, you can currently not access the account until you can log into the app, or until we have finished building the Skill Identity web-based solution. Regardless, you can still enroll in courses and receive digitally verifiable PDF certificates.

When you do get a smartphone in the future, you can simply download the Diwala app, enter the contact details you used to set up your account and your credentials will appear in your Skill Identity.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out through our chatbot messenger here to the bottom right corner, should you have any issues onboarding to your course 👉

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