This is the full demo video of all the steps an administrator of the Diwala platform will go through.

Contents of this video

0:00 - Get Started and Register your Institution
01:30 - Set up Your Account
03:44 - Create a Course
05:45 - Invite & Enroll Students to a Course
08:44 - Invite and onboard students who do not have a smartphone
11:00 - Add Signers/ Administrators
12:50 - Design Your Certificate
13:31 - Sign and Issue a Certificate
15:51 - Verify a Certificate

To see videos and written instructions on specific chapters alone, click the chapters.
To see the Full Demo Video of the Student's Skill ID process, click here.
To download printable PDF guides for both administrators and students, click here.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our chat messenger, should you have any trouble or confusion. 👉

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