You can share a single credential with someone or you can share your whole public skill identity profile. You can also control what information is shared on your profile.

It is important for you to add the necessary information in order to have it available and visible and for potential employers or investors. Click the arrow on the skill id card or the notification itself to add your information and complete your profile.

In this section you can either Edit or Share your profile. Click Edit to see the various input fields about your bio, your skills, contact information, location, website or social media pages. Please remember to add https:// in the social media or website input field before any weblink. Note that you can at any time change or add more information should you wish to do so!

Click Save when you have filled in all your information. To View your profile page and share it, click share and copy the link of your skill identity profile page. Open the link in any webpage browser to view it or add the link to your message to your recipients.

You can also take a screenshot of the QR code on the page, that you can print out or share digitally. When others scan this code with their phones it will lead them back to this information and page. Isn't this a cool way to share information about yourself or your company?


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